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431 Crane Hill Road
East Preston, NS, B2Z

902 499 2364

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Building on the tips form our radio show for "Keeping your game sharp over the Winter" here are 6 things that will help you stay sharp and make next season the best yet!
1-Take a lesson. We will be teaching at Golfzon in Lower Sackville starting in mid November.
2-Head to simulators and join a league. Keep swinging over the winter!
3-Do Yoga. We highly recommend it for physical and mental training. This also helps with advanced breathing techniques which can help maintain performance in stressful/high adrenaline moments.
4-Practice using mirrors. Due to the highly technical nature of the golf swing, slow motion swings hitting positions to help correct flawed patterns is extremely beneficial! This I great because it removes the ball from the equation while learning, which can help accelerate lasting changes without the need for a driving range.
5-Hit the Gym. Finding time to get to the gym will help improve power if you know what exercises to work on!
6-Mental Game. Read "Golf is not a game of perfect" by Dr. Bob Rotella.  After reading this book and implementing some of the new ways to think around a golf course, I literally lowered my handicap from a 4 to a 2 in about 2 weeks.
We would be happy to help provide more information on any of the above topics! Please give us a call or email for more information.